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 "That it’s product-invention becomes an internationally proven wind turbine for deployment anywhere in the world and I believe will be the new world standard for renewable energy and possibly any form of energy." - Mr. Guy Andrew Vaz, 12 December 2017

Andrew discovered that he has a natural flair for problem-solving and holds a few hundred registered patents to his name. The GV turbine is one of his patented inventions, now 10 years in the making. Mr. Andrew has waited for the opportune time as to when it ought to be presented to the world. We believe that time has now come. Investing in GVWT means having access to not only the years of research, trials, experimentations, analyses but arrays of worldwide patents.

The inventor now has 18 granted patents for the first family filed worldwide.

The second family of patents have cleared examination and were filed in more than 40 countries.

The third family of patents are already being examined and will enter the national phase in a year’s time. The fourth family is currently being prepared. Final engineering drawings to Singapore Building Standards (4th Iteration) were completed on 14 Dec 2017 with fabrication drawings recently completed in May 2018. And on 16 May 2018, Bureau Veritas accepted the Engineering Documents for grant of Approval In Principle for certification as a “Wind Turbine” classification. We were also pleased that the local press, “The Straits Times” covered our story on 7 June 2018.

The fourth and fifth families are in progress.

GVWT plans to world premiere its first GVWT Model Mk 1 turbine in 2018.

A client has agreed to purchase the first 'test' turbine, options for over 2,000 turbines have been issued.

Options to make methanol from seawater are being negotiated. The target price for ethanol production is about 30cents per liter.


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